Saturday, August 06, 2005

My baby's leaving...

Well, my mother-in-law showed up yesterday and is planning on taking my baby girl home with her for a week. This has been thoughtfully planned out and arranged, but still, she's my baby! She' only 5 years old. OK OK, don't worry about me having an emotional breakdown, I'll be fine once I get use to the silence. I've got BIG plans for while she's gone too. I'm going to clean her room- yep that's the extent of my big plans, between working and sleeping it'll probably be all I have time for. HA HA! She'll be so excited that someone else cleaned her room she won't miss all those toys she never plays with anyway! Daddy and I have some ideas on what we'd like to change about her room. Like for instance, less toys, and clothes put where they're suppose to be. Of course Chevelle would like to come home to pink room the size of a small country with every single toy her little heart desires instead of her normal sized purple room cleaned out of toys she hasn't picked up since she got.

But my baby might be leaving today instead of tomorrow afternoon as originally planned. I got a phone call Friday morning from my mother-in-law saying that her mom, who's 80 fell and was being transported to the hospital that morning. Grandmother broke her hip and yesterday had to have surgery to put in a rod and some screws. She was a funny person yesterday! Good drugs. Grandmother on any other day is an interesting character. One that even my over active imagination wouldn't have dreamed up. God was having a good day when he created her. One Christmas she got a glass cardinal figurine. She told everyone there that they only made 3 and now she had 2. It was obvious to all of us it was something that was mass produced but we didn't argue with her, especially the store that it had be bought from had at least 20 others just like it. Now it's the family joke. They only made 3! Grandmother keeps us entertained and I don't know what we'll do for laughs when God takes her home to him.

This is the day that the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it Psalms 118:24

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