Friday, August 26, 2005

Confessions of a not-so-teenage drama queen

So I wake my 5 year old this morning and she starts getting ready for school. I go back to my room where I finish getting ready for work. A few minutes later said 5 year old enters my room wearing jean shorts and a cute little white and blue shirt. After discussing the craziness of her hair she agrees to go find a brush. A few minutes later she walks back into my room, her hair still a mess but is no longer wearing the jean shorts and cute little white and blue shirt, instead she isn't wearing anything except her panties.


And she leaves my room to go find a different outfit. I recalled seeing the note yesterday about it being "red" day at school so I just smiled and said ok.

A few moments later she reenters my room fully clothed in a long sleeved pink shirt and long pink pants. I looked at her and said, I think we're confused. First of all, it's going to be 100 degrees out there so I am NOT letting you wear long sleeved anything (she's hot natured enough, like her momma) with pants. And second, that's pink, not red!

"BUT MOM! I don't have ANYTHING red!" Did I tell you my 5 year old is a bit of a drama queen?

So, I get up off my bed and walk her to her room to prove to her that she infact DID have something red (she has a rainbow of colors in her wardwobe). I start off with a Dora shirt that is trimmed in RED and has RED cherries on it, I find a cute little (at one time dress) shirt that has RED cars on it that she wears with her RED shorts. And I find her RED soccer shirt from last fall when she was a RED Hawk. She decided that it would be cool to wear her RED shirt because she could tell everyone that she play soccer and with her RED shirt I found her black shorts that has RED on it.... no red my foot! With her soccer outfit she wore her soccer socks, but mean mom wouldn't let her wear her cleets... she had to wear her tennis shoes... "But mom, they have PINK in them..." Oh the drama...

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