Sunday, August 28, 2005

I need clothes for my baby!

Yesterday I spent the entire day cleaning house. And boy did it need it. I'm afraid whenever I get into a good book I can do nothing else but read (unless I'm at work then I manage to work or blog all day). So since I finished Pride and Prejudice on Wednesday night I decided to clean the house up really really good so I can start my new book this weekend.

My daughter went shopping with her daddy so I could sleep in (thank you honey!!!) a little bit yesterday. But immediately upon arriving home my precious 5 year old comes to me and said, "I need clothes for my baby!" I looked and the baby wasn't naked. "Mom, she can't stay in her pajamas ALL day long" I think maybe there was a bit of an eye roll while saying this sentence... I think I'll start calling her a Drama Princess!

Why not? I asked. All her other babies are naked, what makes this one special that it should get to worry about wearing clothes? "I want my baby clothes mom, will you get them down for me?"

My heart almost stopped. Ok, listen, I'm not really a pack rat, I'm the first person to go through the house throwing away stuff I perceive as junk just so it won't clutter up the house, but I find it very hard to turn loose of the baby clothes! So we have a few plastic tubs of clothes, one of 0-12 months, one of 12 months -2T.... but hey, she's just now out growing 4T.

So after she cleaned her room (which took her as long as the rest of the house took me) I obliged and got the box of baby clothes out of her closet. Oh how the memories flooded my mind. Oh, this one she came home from the hospital in. This one I wore when I was a baby, my mom gave it to me right after my daughter was born, and this one was one of my favorites because it was hand made by someone, this one looked really cute on her, this was her first pair of black leather pants, these were her first little sandals, these were... these were... these were.... well, needless to say I couldn't just hand over all these precious outfits for a doll who will be naked again when the next doll is bought! No way! I'm saving them... for what exactly I don't know because we don't plan on having any more children but I can't turn loose of them, not yet. After much deliberation I finally turned loose of 4 outfits that the Drama Princess and I could agree on. She's happy with her clothes and I'm happy knowing the more precious outfits are safely put back where they belong.

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